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About Us

Our Vision: “Through the talents and commitment of our team, we will lead the industry in excellent service performance,speed of operational delivery, solutions to janitorial need for all our customers”.

Mission Statement: At Davis Fodec General Services Inc., “Our goal is to deliver a value based service that encourages the establishment of long term relationships with our customers.”

Our business Approach: “Most often our typical process for working with a new customer is to schedule a walk-thru which allows for both parties to begin the lines of communication. During this meeting we are able to tour the facility and deliver a firm, accurate quote before we leave the premises that will give the potential customer enough information to make an informative decision based on our background and experience.”


Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat: 7:00am-10:00pm
Sun: Closed

For an on-site visit from one of our Project Managers,

please call: 877 491 9944